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Latest features


In this release, we've brought more convenient address bar search and history features.

โš™ functionality

In addition to supporting search in the management UI, search in the address bar is now supported.

Just enter the afandspacein the address bar and you'll go into search mode as follows๏ผš

omnibox search

You can use the control panel to set the details of this feature.

omnibox settings


You can click on this button to see recently clicked accessed bookmarks.

History button


Share while editing

You can now share directly in the edit box.

Sharing button

Fixed extension ID at development time

The extension ID for the development phase is now fixed to podhpclhgdeichkceginfehfanhcb.

Therefore, even if you are installing with an unzip package, the ID is the same every time.

Import order adjustment

Collections are imported in the original order when they are first imported.

๐Ÿž bug fix

  • Fixes an issue where notification centers are not refreshed correctly